Group Booking


Allow business to see more clients and provide more services 

Let your customer bring their friend and famliy during the appointment booking, you can set maximum capacity at the admin backend

bring people feature
balance capacity

Balance Capacity

Show remaining slots available on booked time

When any timeslot’s capacity is reduced by at least 1, a badge will appear on the timeslot, indicating the timeslot’s total capacity and currently occupied capacity.

Auto Calculate

Automatically times the services fees with total attendees

For example, 1 service rendered costs RM300.00. If 4 person attend the services will costs RM1,200 [RM300 x 4]. AutoAppointment system will calculate all and recorded it correctly.

Auto calculate total amount

Related features

Powerful Dashboard

View performance of your business with multi filtering and visualizing report

Extra Services

Upsell your additional services in the booking process to increase revenue

Multi Categories

Create category and assign services to make customers book easily.

Recurring Appointment

Allow appointment to recurring for daily, weekly or monthly.
Group booking

Group Booking

Set max capacity limit per bookable time slot to allow multiple customer bookings.

Email Notification

Customize & Send automated email on booking confirmation, reschedule, or reminders
Google Calendar Autoappointment

Google Calendar

Instantly 2-ways sync booked appointments on your Google Calendar.
cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Access anytime anywhere to track, edit, update all your appointments.